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Thanks for checking out who I am and what I enjoy!
Stop by often as I continue to add content on a regular basis.
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What's New:
05/2024: Modelmaker - ATSF locos: CF7 round cab, CF7 Topeka cab, GP30u, GP35u, GP39-2, SD39u, SD40u;
ATSF MoW vehicles: F700 truck, C70 truck and trailer, Hyrail pickup, assorted pickups.

05/2021: Modelmaker - ATSF 4-axle GE locos B23-7, B36-7, DASH8-40B, DASH8-40BW's 530 and 555;
ATSF Ga-152 gondola with CarTopper; ATSF tank cars; ATSF Ce-11 waycar; VTTX COFC cars on TTX page

09/2020: ATSF Burro crane on flat car; Auto carrier truck; Star Wars X-Wing game spaceships; Archer page revamp

05/2020: Author page updates including Fun Facts for my Infinity Wheel sci-fi novel; Modular Signal System;
ATSF 5-unit well car; ATSF pig flats; TTX equipment; J.B. Hunt equipment; other Intermodal;
Helicon Focus for model photos; Iona Free-mo module cover plus more construction info

02/2020: Modelmaker - ATSF Super Fleet locos, ATSF/SPSF 5970, ATSF/MKCX 5956

01/2020: Bigger fonts for easier reading! ATSF business car 89 and locos SD26 4674, SD40-2 5134, B39-8 7401

11/2019: Climbing - outdoors; Modelmaker - Mojave Free-mo module, ATSF, UP, SP locos,
Plymouth critter, ATSF intermodal, ATSF wheel car, SP hoppers, miscellaneous HO vehicles.

09/2019: Free-mo module Glen Frazer construction, restoration, West Switch updates;
Modelmaker - more locos, cars, and cabeese.

06/2019: Free-mo module Iona propane refill station pics, ABL S2 105, Trona AS616 53,
MSS optical sensor Optek to ISE.

03/2019: Major update to all pages.

06/2018: Initial publication supporting release of my first sci-fi novel, The Infinity Wheel, book 1 - Ka'sora