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SP SD40e 7319
I kitbashed this locomotive around 1989 from an Athearn SD40-2 shell and SD45 drive.
I installed numerous detail parts, as well as custom painting and weathering.
This model won first place, diesel category, at the
1990 NMRA-PCR Coast Division meet in San Francisco, CA.
These days, Athearn offers accurate ready-to-run SD40 models, so no more kitbashing required!
I kitbashed the SD40 shell from an Athearn SD40-2 shell, and fitted it onto a modified Athearn SD45 drive to get the correct fuel tank size
and truck style. The rear "porch" was shortened, and the radiators replaced using parts cut from an Athearn SDP40 shell. Other changes
consisted of removing the differences EMD had introduced with the "dash 2" line - the dynamic brake blister was reshaped, cab rear and
blower duct modified, and the right-side sight glass filled. Further changes were made to replicate SP practices - the rear-porch mounted
brake wheel, split battery doors below the cab, and the grated toolbox at the end of the left walkway.
Below: I opened up the fan housings and installed fans made from Athearn semi-truck wheel hubs and styrene-strip blades.
The grills are an etched brass product from Detail Associates. The exhaust stack was also opened up using a Precision Scale part.
Left: Numerous SP-specific details were added to
the front. The cab windshield was modified into the
distinctive "L" shape used by SP for many years.
A set of SP lights was grafted into the nose. A large
Details West snow plow was added to the pilot, as
were "break-away" style handrails crafted from
Precision Scale stanchions and brass wire.
The "V" shaped coupler lift bar was hand-formed
from wire and threaded into Detail Associates brackets.
Right: The rear received a full set of SP lights,
and the distinctive platform-mounted brake
wheel. The pilot plate was fabricated from sheet
styrene and NBW castings. Campbell scale
chain was installed on the handrail openings.