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Southern Pacific C-50-8 Caboose 4665
This is a brass caboose I painted, decaled, and weathered many years ago.
It was inspired from many visits to the SP Sparks railyards during my college years in Reno, NV.
I made this model so long ago I don't recall much about the process. The undecorated brass caboose came fully assembled, and
I believe I just airbrushed the orange areas, masked them off, then airbrushed the brown. The silver window frames, blue axle
generator, and white railings were brush painted. I think I made the window screens from brass fine-mesh screen and painted
them gray. Don't recall whose decals, but most likely Microscale. Weathering is powdered chalks with Dullcote oversprayed.
More info about SP cabooses here: Espee Railfan .net