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SP SW1500 2599
I chose to model this locomotive because I had encountered the real SW1500 2599 on three
separate railfanning trips. Starting from the Athearn SW1500 "blue box" model, I built this switcher
around 1990. Many detail parts, a partial cab interior, custom painting and weathering, and a
Mashima can motor enhanced the stock model. I gave this locomotive to my good friend Jim,
a superb SP modeler, who plans to further upgrade it with KV Models etched metal parts.
Athearn's model is quite accurate, including the Flexicoil trucks.
I added numerous details parts from Detail Associates, Details
West, and Precision Scale. The model is finished using Floquil
airbrushed paints, Microscale decals, and powdered chalk
weathering. I modeled a partial cab interior by adding a control
stand and some seats, painted light green per SP practice.