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Mail Delivery Jeep
This little guy is part of a "mini-scene" on my Glen Frazer Free-mo module.
The Jeep is parked on the shoulder of Franklin Canyon Road as
its driver steps out to deliver letters to a bank of mail boxes.
Above: This is generally what I was trying to simulate -
a DJ5 mail delivery Jeep from the late-80's / early-90's era.
Above: My model is a bit of a "foobie" - the most
significant variation from the prototype is the rear
quarter panels are solid - no big windows there.
Below: The model is kitbashed from a Roco open-top military Jeep, and a Trident delivery box truck. The box truck came
decorated in the US Postal Service livery with the big eagle logos on the side panels. I cut out those side panels, logo and
all, and grafted them onto the Jeep body. I scratch-built the roof from white styrene. The rear panel and side doors were
made from clear styrene, masked off for the white paint such that windows were created. The mirrors and yellow fender
lights are parts scrounged from my spare parts box. MV Lenses were used for the headlights. The stripes are N-scale
Amtrak passenger car decals. The rear "Jeep" logo is a custom-made decal. The license plates are images downloaded
from the internet, re-sized to HO scale using MS Visio, printed on regular paper, and cut out for gluing onto the bumpers.
Below: The bank of mailboxes is entirely
scratch-built from styrene and strip-wood.