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Apache Railway Tank Car
I built this model as part of a NMRA-PCR contest - build a model using the Tichy Trains tank car kit.
It was inspired from visits to the Apache Railway in Arizona as a young adult.

This model was badly damaged one day as I was unloading my truck after a Free-mo event. The car was
in a storage bin, along with several other tank cars, when the entire bin tumbled out of the truck, did a 360,
and landed on the driveway. Of course it was fragile tank cars - why couldn't it have been, say
nice sturdy boxcars? Argh! Anyway, I managed to repair this car along with most of the others.
Left: This is the prototype, located in
Snowflake, AZ circa 1988. The warning signs
suggest it was used to store diesel fuel or
some other flammable material. Note the car
has no reporting marks or other required data,
so it cannot be used in revenue service.
Below: My model is mostly stock, though I removed the top row of rivets to match
the prototype. I made the decals by creating artwork in MS Visio, printing on
blank decal paper, and lightly overspraying with gloss-cote before applying.