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ATSF Ce-1 Waycar 999016
I built this model while in college, from the Quality Craft "craftsman" kit. It is rather crude by
today's modeling standards, so I don't run it on Free-mo layouts and instead keep it in a
display case for sentimental reasons. I learned a lot in building the kit, which consisted of
wooden structural parts and flat etched brass panels. This model won second place, caboose
category, at the 1988 SFRH&MS national convention in Flagstaff, AZ. It also won second place,
caboose category, at the 1989 NMRA PCR Coast Division meet in Santa Clara, CA.
And finally it won first place, caboose category, at the 1990 NMRA PCR meet in Oakland, CA.
Left: The completed model
just before painting.
Above: This is the current state of this model. After it was completely finished, I realized Santa Fe had
blanked out several side windows in the process of rebuilding Ce-1 waycars. I attempted to retrofit this
onto the model by gluing thin squares of styrene over the windows, hand-painting the red, and then
re-weathering. This did not turn out so well, as you can see - the styrene is lifting on some windows
and the weathering did not blend in well.
Left: the model as originally
finished circa 1985. Note
the full set of side windows.
Right: The etched
open-mesh walkways from
the Quality Craft kit were
the bomb back in 1985.
Left: This shows the nature of
the Quality Craft kit. The floor,
curved profile roofs, and interior
frame were wooden. The etched
brass sides and roof overlays
came flat, requiring forming and bending to shape before gluing onto the wooden parts. Trucks
and couplers were provided separately.
(note: This photo was discovered
on the internet - thanks to
whomever took it and posted it! )