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ATSF U36C 8761
To build this locomotive, I modified and upgraded the Atlas U33C model.
The SFRH&MS published my article describing its construction in the 4th Quarter 1997 Warbonnet magazine.
This model was featured on the cover of the August 2003 Rail Model Journal.
I started with an undecorated Atlas U33C and added numerous parts from Details West, Detail Associates, and A-Line.
Below, upper left: Equipment bays from an Athearn U33C shell (black) were stacked behind the cab on the left side.
Below, upper right: Scratch-built radio platforms on the top.
Below, middle left: Air tanks received piping and conduits.
Below, middle right: Radiators were opened, Cannon GP35 radiators doubled up and placed inside, and fine-mesh screen applied on top.
Below, bottom left: An anti-climber and rounded upper headlight housing were fabricated from styrene.
Below, bottom right: Rear number boards were blanked.
Above: I built a small diorama for model photography, and set it up outside with real California rolling hills in the distance.