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I've made a few improvements to enhance the realism of the Kato product.
I chose the Kato model because it has the correct number of steps at the corners.
Santa Fe units had only 4 steps, instead of the 5 steps used on other roads.
Below: I added Details West spare coupler knuckles to the right rear and left front trucks.
The weathering is lightly applied powdered chalks to represent a relatively new unit, as
these arrived near the end of the Santa Fe before the merger with BN in 1995.
Below: On the cab roof I relocated the smaller end-of-train antenna.
Exhaust weathering on top was airbrushed, concentrated around the exhaust stack.
On the rear, I filled in the sand filler indent
below the headlight and added a new
filler on top per Santa Fe practice, then
touched up the silver paint.

I applied safety slogan
decals in all four stepwells.
Below: I added a speed recorder cable to the front truck, center axle. To the rear truck I installed a
brake chain and supports. Wheels and couplers were brush-painted a black/brown grungy color.