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ATSF SD75M 215
I've made a few improvements to enhance the realism of the superb Athearn product.
Below: I added a crewman inside the cab, and sanding lines made from gray wire (the fine plastic supports provided
by Athearn are quite fragile, and I've replaced most of them with strip brass painted silver). I masked off the grills and
brush-painted them with diluted black, then lightly wiped off the outermost rib surfaces before the paint dried.
Below: On the cab roof I painted the main antenna silver and added the smaller end-of-train antenna.
Exhaust weathering on top surfaces is black chalk streaked with a stiff brush, over-sprayed with a
diluted black/brown paint. The exhaust stack is more heavily weathered than other rooftop areas.
End modifications include added
Details West MU receptacles
and cables (yellow). I applied safety
slogan decals in all four stepwells.
Below: I added a speed recorder cable to the front truck, third axle. Road dust weathering is simulated using
brown chalk randomly applied to underframes, fuel tanks, trucks, pilots, steps, and the lower portion of the
carbody, then over-sprayed with dullcote. Wheels and couplers were brush-painted a black/brown grungy color.