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ATSF GP60M 152
I've made a few improvements to enhance the realism of the superb Fox Valley Models product.
Below: The right side trucks received Details West spare knuckle holders. I added Precision Scale 39036 small round
fuel pressure gauges to the fuel tank (both sides) - this product is hard to find, but this gauge is also available in Detail
Associates 3102 fuel tank detail set. I added Microscale flag decals to the nose, which was Santa Fe's way of supporting
the troops in the first Gulf War. I masked off the grills and brush-painted them with diluted black, then lightly wiped off the
outermost rib surfaces before the paint dried. I also painted black the small oval sight window on the right side.
Below: I painted the cab-top antennae silver. Exhaust weathering on top surfaces is black chalk streaked with a stiff brush,
over-sprayed with a diluted black/brown paint. The exhaust stack is more heavily weathered than other rooftop areas.
End modifications include painting the stock yellow MU
cables red (the as-delivered yellow ones didn't last long
on the prototypes), replacing the cast handrail chain with
yellow-painted 40-link-per-inch scale chain, and painting
the lift bars silver. I painted the carbody grabs and
window wipers black, and the snow plow grabs yellow.
I applied safety slogan decals to all four step wells and
crewmen to the cab interior, which was repainted.
Below: The left side received a Details West speed recorder on the front axle journal. Road dust weathering
is simulated using brown chalk randomly applied to underframes, fuel tanks, trucks, pilots, steps, and the
lower portion of carbodies, then over-sprayed with dullcote. Black and brown art pencils were used to make
small rust spots and fuel spill streaks. Wheels and couplers were brush-painted a black/brown grungy color.
Below: 152 leading my Super Fleet GP60 consist.