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ATSF GP60 4017
I upgraded the Fox Valley Models product with added details, decals, weathering, and DCC-controlled LED lighting
Below: GP60 4017 in consist with other Santa Fe high-horsepower
4-axle locomotives. Photos taken on my Glen Frazer Free-mo module.
Below: I added a Detail Associates square cab vent to the cab left side, and a Details West speed recorder to the front
axle. I painted the grab on blower duct blue, and dry-brushed silver onto the air filter set behind the fuel tank. To both
sides I applied Microscale decal flags on battery boxes - these showed ATSF's support for the troops in the first Gulf War.
Below: I added a Detail Associates round vent to the right side of the nose, and Details West spare coupler knuckles on both right-side trucks.
Both sides received an additional fuel filler and round gauge (ATSF GP60's were delivered with dual fuel fillers during the SPSF merger
preparations for compatibility with SP facilities). I applied road dust weathering using powdered chalks fixed with Testors Dullcote spray.
Below: I removed the stock rotary beacon, filled the cab-top hole, and disguised it with brushed-on
Floquil C&NW Yellow and "rust spot" weathering. The top surface exhaust weathering is a
combination of airbrushed mixture of thinned black and brown, and powdered chalks.
Below: When I installed the DCC decoder, I also replaced the stock headlight LEDs with a brighter type. The Brightek QBLP674-IWM-WW
white LEDs are a larger size, requiring gentle removal of a bit of soldermask from the LED board before soldering to the copper traces.
I replaced the stock handrail chains with Campbell scale chain and added a drain pipe to the cab front using brass wire. I painted the stock
MU cables red and added yellow segments on the coupler lift bars. I applied Microscale decal safety slogans to all four corner step wells.